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Wonder Glides

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Wonder Glides

Regular price $24.99

Time To Glide


All you need to make anything glide!

Stick it and slide it! Wonderglides are simple, remove the adhesive backing from your wonder glides stick them to your object, and slide whatever you got across nearly every hard surface and/or carpet!



This pack includes a total of 31 Wonderglides!

- 3 round 63mm glides

- 6 square 50mm glides

- 6 round 50mm glides

- 2 square 40mm glides

- 2 round 30mm glides

- 6 square 25mm glides

- 6 round 25mm glides

All of this for just $24.99




This pack includes 12 Wonderglides 

-  4 round 50mm glides

- 4 square 50mm glides

- 4 round 20mm glides