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windmill watermelon slicer

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windmill watermelon slicer

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  • Cutting Watermelon Doesn't Have To Be a Tedious Task With This Windmill Slicer!

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    • Cut Neat-Looking Watermelon - Some people can really butcher a watermelon. If you want perfectly-sliced pieces, this is the tool for you! Your watermelon will come out in neat rectangles around 3/4" in size. Perfect for a fruit tray!
    • Don't Spend Longer Than Necessary - Slicing and dicing watermelon can take a while, and it can be dangerous with a long, sharp knife. Now, you can simply push this slicer through the watermelon and watch the windmill effect deposit the watermelon slices evenly into its tray. Easy and fast!
    • Works On Melon and Cantaloupe - While not all melons are created equal, this tool is equally created for them! Cut up some juicy cantaloupe slices faster than you can say Sunday brunch!


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