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Splat Owl Ball

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Splat Owl Ball

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Stick & Splat 

These Splat Balls are insanely fun! Think of it as if a globble a water balloon and a stress ball all had a baby! 


- Leaves no sticky residue on hands or surface 

- washable and reusable 

- sticks to nearly any surface 

- made from a durable synthetic rubber 

Added benefits 

-Free shipping 

- Arrives within 2-4 business days


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1 of our Splat Balls costs $5.35 with shipping included, this is lower than other big named brands! See for yourself!


Sticks to Doors, walls, and ceilings!


Washable & Reusable


No Sticky Residue 


Play Games & Hit Trickshots



Q: Will it pop easily?

A: NO! these splat balls are durable! That being said although it is squishy it is not a stress ball and using it as one may pop it. Also, we don't recommend throwing SUPER hard (you don't need to throw it hard to make it splat), and don't poke it with pointy objects.

Q: Will it get dirty and lose its stick?

A: Yes, it will get dirty, however, this can be fixed by running it under some cold water then patting it dry with a clean towel or rag! It will work good as new!

Q: What's inside it?

A: It is a mixture of rat poison and bleach.... jk... it's water!

Q: What do I do if it pops?

A: Congratulations! Your splat ball popped and it's now moved onto its second life! Although it won't splat anymore you can still throw it and make it sticky, or squeeze it super hard and stretch it out! It is still so much fun to play with so don't throw it out!