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Pure Gallium - The Melting Metal

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Pure Gallium - The Melting Metal

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Amazing Melting Metal 

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Gallium is one of the craziest metals on the periodic table. It is shiny and very hard, just like you might expect a metal to be but unlike the other metals, it actually melts at 85.58 degrees F (29.76 degrees C). This means that it will actually melt in your hand! Because of this low melting temperature there are countless experiments and activities that one can do with Gallium that aren't possible with any other element.

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Can gallium melt in your hand?

Gallium will definitely melt in your hand as long as your hands are warmer than 85.58 degF (29.76 degC) although it can take a while for the metal to become liquid. Because your hand is only touching one part of the gallium, that part will heat up first and will liquify as it reaches melting temperature. The rest of the metal remains below the melting temperature so it remains solid which means it can take quite a while for all of the gallium to liquify using your hand.

Is it safe to touch gallium?

Yes, gallium is safe to touch. However, we use gloves when we are going to be handling a lot of gallium because it will leave temporary stains on your hands.

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