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Pen Pocket Rod

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Pen Pocket Rod

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You can fish any time, anywhere.

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A cool and Simple way to go Fishing!

Portable Pen Pocket size fishing rod and Reel.
Perfect to have in a go bag or have it anywhere, it is extremely compact and durable.

About 8” when its closed and opens up to 38” approx.
Made out of fiber glass and aluminium alloy.

The reel made of Aluminium allow includes forward and reverse ratchet stop and drag control. Great for all ages.

If you don’t want to carry around with all your fishing gear, this is perfect to have in your backpack or car.

  • Fishing anytime, anywhere with this world smallest fishing rod kit.
  • Compact lightweight body fits pocket, gloves box, briefcase or backpack.
  • perfect for situations where full-size gear is inconvenient.
  • Great for boat or ice fishing.

Reel Installation guide

  1. Open the Pen Rod by taking off the cap.
  2. Just insert the reel between the two grooves on the pen (There is a moving piece with slides up and down)
  3. Twist the screw down to tight the reel onto the rod.
  • Made from Recycle Materials
  • Fully  Durable
  • Forward And Reverse Ratchet Stop and Drag Control
  • Compact for Easy storage


  • 1 Pen Size Fishing Rod
  • 1 Fishing Reel


8” Closed
38” Extended