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Hey if you're here you are probably from a TikTok or a TikTok live and would like to donate to Shop Splat, or maybe you just somehow stumbled along this page, whatever it may be this is the place to donate to help out Shop Splat. All donations are greatly appreciated and go right back into helping grow Shop Splat to be better and better! 

To donate with Venmo please send the amount you would like to donate to


To donate with Cashapp please send the amount you would like to donate to



Here is how to donate without venmo or cashapp


- add this product to cart and go to checkout (you will be charged 0 dollars for this "item")

- add in your shipping details and click continue to shipping (note you won't be shipped anything)


- Next click on continue to payment info


- Last click on add tip and add a custom tip for how much you would like to donate. After that put in your credit card info and complete your order!


Thank you so much for all the support :)