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citrus sprayer

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citrus sprayer

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Get That Fresh Taste With The Citrus Sprayer

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    FRESH JUICE – Now you can enjoy the all-natural taste of citrus with all the vitamins and flavors with no added sugar, additives or preservatives. Get every last drop from your oranges, lemons and limes with no seeds, pulp or rind.
  • EASY TO USE – Soften the fruit by rolling on a flat surface while applying light pressure. Slice the end off the fruit and screw in like a corkscrew. Squeeze fruit and sip right out of the fruit or easily pour fresh juice into your bowl, glass or tea. To keep the juices flowing, press on the lower half of the fruit and turn the fruit as you squeeze.
  • NO MESS – No seeds, no pulp and no rind in your water, salad or food. Avoid messy slicing of fruit and half cut lemons hanging out on the counter. Simply keep the juicer in the fruit and store in the fridge in between uses, to keep the fruit fresh for longer.
  • MULTIPURPOSE – Not just for juicing fruit, use our spout as a citrus sipper and drink right out of the fruit like a straw. A fun way for kids to eat their fruit with minimal mess and all the vitamins! Our citrus juicer can also be used as a pepper corer for homemade jalapeño poppers.


  • Features:
    Name:Lemon sprayer
    Size:L:10*4.4cm S:8.5*4.4cm Tray diameter7.6cm
    Color:AS the Picture Show
    Quantity:1 set

    1. High-quality materials, safe and odorless, can be recycled and not easily damaged.
    2. With one touch, you can spray the fruit juice directly into the container or food.
    3. Screw-in design, it is very easy to insert into the fruit, the nozzle draws the juice to the nozzle through pressure.
    4. Silicone ring can avoid fruit juice splashing, and the tray can hold fruit.
    5. Removable into three parts for easier cleaning.

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