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Why is this being shipped from a partner?

There are a variety of reasons why this item may not be available directly from While we wish we could stock every awesome product we've found, sometimes it simply isn't possible.

Shop Splat is partnered with dozens of suppliers to help share these awesome products! Because of that here are some reasons why this product is being shipped from their warehouse!

- We are unable to keep it in our warehouse at Shop Splat 

- The partnership between us and the supplier involves keeping the product at their warehouse

The product may require special handling that we cannot accommodate

- our original manufacture stopped producing the item but it is available from other sellers.

You can still purchase the item exactly as normal, with no additional cost or fees!  Every time you buy from Shop Splat not only are you helping the Shop Splat Team, but you help dozens of other small businesses who help make Shop Splat possible! Be sure to head back to the product page to complete your order!