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The Perfect Gifts For a Friend

The Perfect Gifts For a Friend 

Finding that perfect gift 

Hello, everyone, my name is Brandon Roat I'm the founder and owner of and this is our first blog!  It's the first one so I'm just gonna go over some of the products we sell on our store! Our store is simply based around cool things! That’s right, we just sell cool stuff! It's pretty awesome! (Feel free to check it out here)So here are some of the coolest gifts for a friend!

#1 Toilet paper spitball gun 

 The first one is our toilet paper spitball gun ! If you log on to our store (which you probably haven't because no one knows about it lol) the first thing you see is gonna be this spit ball gun! So of course it is in the front of the store and is the store's main picture because it is flippin awesome ! This toy is great, it literally  just lets you shoot spitballs at people! Now that may sound disgusting ,but it's actually just toilet paper and water so it's a “clean” spit ball! Now we’re not recommending it, but it still could be  disgusting if you want to  use the toilet paper before you loaded the gun , but anyways that is not recommended and probably illegal ! But like come on like who won who wouldn't want to shoot someone with a wet soggy piece of paper from 30 feet away! You need this in your life! Check it out here!


#2 Black Glow Ring 

Moving on, so the next thing that we're gonna go over is one of our coolest products which is going to be a black glow ring!  Now look I know what you're saying that's not black it's blue, I know okay, I know it's blue but look it's still pretty cool and the background is black! So a few things about it, we have it in all different sizes however blue is only the color that we currently have. It doesn't take batteries , no,  it uses some phosphorous magic stuff that they get from some special unknown element or something like and they just they infuse it into a ring, and BOOM it glows! So it's some pretty cool stuff! The glow last for a long time of charged in the sun, and even longer if left under a black light ! But that is the black glow ring feel free to check it out here! It's currently going for 40% off. (not saying you should snag it, but maybe you should snag it). Anyways that’s the super cool black glow ring! On to the next one!

#3 Floating Globe

Our next product is gonna be the floating globe! Alright this thing is so cool, look at it! And no it's not photoshopped! So I don’t think i have to explain this one that much, it literally floats what more could anyone want ! It uses some magnets and black magic to work. In fact no one even knows how they work and was one of the top reasons we raided area 51. It is the coolest talking piece in any household!  I mean if you have something floating in your living room people are either going to think it’s awesome, or they will think you are summoning the devil ! Either way it’s bound to start a conversation ! So yes this is the floating globe check it out here, it’s a nice little addition to your home.

#4 Halloween dog hat 

The last product I'm going to share with you is  this hat for your dog that's not a hat exactly and it just makes it look like they're being killed! Halloween is rolling right around the corner and we have so many different versions (check them out here) Is it like totally one of the most useless things ever, maybe , but is it just cool and it makes your dog look Super Duper scary, YES! so  you might as well check it out here !


There are some of the coolest products you can get for a friend ! Check out all the other awesome products we have at !

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