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How to Find a Gift for Anyone

How to find a Gift For Anyone  

Lets be real 

We all have been there, you have a party you need to go to, you don’t really want to go, you set everything up, you make it absolutely perfect, then you forget to get the most important part... THE GIFT! Or maybe you are just going to a party you really don’t want to go to but you still need to bring a gift just to be that “nice person”. Whatever your case may be getting the best gift for a friend or a family member can be a pain in the butt sometimes. But you’re in luck because I'm gonna give a lot of tips and tricks that can help you to find any gift that you need for anyone. And hopefully, it helps you because Christmas time is rolling around the corner! So let’s get started here is exactly how you can find a flipping awesome gift for anyone!

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#1 The secret trick 

My first tip for you is kind of more like a trick. What you want to do is go to your friend and say “guess what I got you for Christmas” (or for your birthday or whatever event it is). This tip is amazing and do you know why? Once you say that and they will start saying things that they want! They will probably respond with “did you get me....those new shoes, or that purse, etc...” This trick works so well because they're not gonna be listing things that they don't want, so you without doing any work know exactly what they are looking for! So all you have to do is pick something off that long list they gave you and BOOM you have the perfect gift! It’s pretty smart if you think about it! But on to the next tip!


#2 Get those Gears turning 

This tip is also really good! So, hopefully, you know the person that you're getting to get for, I really hope you do, if you don't well... YIKES! Anyways, what you want to do is you want to write down everything that that person likes, everything that that person finds funny, everything that makes that person surprise, happy, shocked, you know things like that. Next, you want to find gifts that relate to those things on your list ! so if someone really likes dog videos because they make them laugh maybe you get them a shirt that has a funny picture of a dog on it! Nine out of ten times the person will love your gift because it’s related to something they already enjoy especially if it’s funny (keep this in mind it will relate to tip 3!) That’s the second tip write down everything that they enjoy thinking about a gift that relates to each thing! Moving on!

 #3 Make it Funny 

So as I said step 2 was related to step three in the fact that getting someone something funny or silly can never go wrong ! Everyone likes funny things! whether it's a t-shirt or a coffee mug or a coffee mug or a...... coffee mug! As long as it makes them giggle there is a good chance they will love it! But get creative, find things like funny hats or socks! An easy way to find gifts like that is go onto google is type in “funny” and then the accessory you are looking for! For example, things like funny t-shirt sayings, or funny hat designs, or funny mugs! (You know you can never go wrong the coffee mug especially if the gift is for your dad, all dads love coffee mugs) So hop onto your computer and check that out!


#4 Websites

All right the next way is you go and you hop on a site like because we literally just have cool stuff, that's literally all it is! And I'm sure if you check it out there is probably something on there for you or someone you know! so quick little shameless plug, go to I'm sure there's something there you can find!


#5 care package 

Next, if you really don't know what the person likes or what they're into or anything, think about what that person might need and then give them a care package of stuff! It's super easy and people love it ! so think, maybe they need... I don’t know .... scented candles or something or maybe they need pillows because they just moved into like a new house! BOOM get some throw pillows to start throwing them at their kids! (Just kidding we’re not responsible for any injuries due to pillows). You can't really go wrong with that!


#6 Handmade

The next one is giving them something handmade! People love gifts that are handmade especially if this is a gift for your parents or your loved ones they will like anything that you spent your time on to make! you can't go wrong with anything handmade!


#7 Experience  

The next one is to getting them an experience. get them a trip someplace like a trip to the beach or a trip to like Hawaii or a place they have always wanted to go! Or maybe a trip to their computer so they can go to and get something AWESOME! An experience lasts in the memories and in the heart which really matters and is often valued even more the something materialistic. It is also something worth value (but if you cant afford it, googly eyes on the paper plate always works too)

#8 Charity 

The last one is to get the money to a charity! Often times people love to give back and they would rather you give money to an organization of their choice than to give them a gift! Some great things to look into are animal shelters and places that help veterans!

Do Nots !

now that we have some ideas of what to get let's cover some things not to get.


-do not get them a sweater


-do not get them the candle either


-and last but not least is don't get them .....pregnant 🤰🏼

All right and there you have it so there are some different ways or some different things you can do to get that perfect gift! And if you really can't find a gift for anyone and if you're really looking for some killer gifts check out

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Anyways I hope you enjoyed this blog and got some valuable information from it !be sure to stay in tuned for when our next one comes out!