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Creative And Cheap Birthday Gift Ideas

Creative And Cheap Birthday Gift Ideas

These gifts are amazing! Don't believe us see for yourself! We have a list of creative and cheap birthday gift ideas! These gifts are super fun and creative and at the same time, won't break the bank! And what's the point of getting a creative gift if you won't be able to buy yourself food after! These cheap gifts are sure to help you out in a pinch! 




Taking an awesome thing and making it even better 


ships from USA 

This already memorizing science toy is taken to the next level with an amazing glowing light show!



  • An amazing light show 
  • changes colors as it swings
  • A timeless desktop toy 
  • 5 frosted glass balls with LED lights 
  • Brand new and high quality 
  • easy to use 

Now we could go into how a newtons cradle works but let's face it, who cares! So check out these awesome images of it!

Don't blame us if you get stuck in a trance looking at this! Its one stylish light show!


So what are you waiting for get your one of a king Glowing Newtons Cradle now! 






Burrito Blanket 

Our customers tell us all the time how soft our blankets are. The Burrito Blankets are made with 100% microfiber fleece to keep you warm, relaxed, and feeling like a burrito. Similar to a real tortilla, the blankets are round and printed on top to look like a extra large tortilla. Bundle yourself and 1-2 others up so you can become a burrito!

Ships From USA




Eliana S.

If $30 can buy a smile like this then I am ALL for it! 5 stars and I recommend the burrito Blanket ...




Bella W.

This picture of my dog was def worth the money I paid for the burrito blanket.




Softest Blanket Ever...

Shopsplat.Com is a store with amazing gifts! Welcome to a very special website supplying the world with hundreds of thousands of blankets that look like tortillas.






 There is a certain energy that can be found out of nature and in the city. The bustle of people, the luminous neon and the pulsing nightlife can be felt in your very core. This urban spirit inspired us to create a new collection of rings that reflect the metropolitan.

-Ships from USA

GLO rings are made from a mixture of resin and phosphorus glow powder. The glow will remain visible for several hours after it's charged 

Your ring will charge every time it's exposed to any source of light, including daylight






Enjoy The High-Quality Technical Image Effect, Whether You're Traveling, Hiking Or Out With Friends, Perfect For Taking Photos You Can Change These Lenses Freely.


- This Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit can take your phone's pictures to the next level! Its the best smartphone lens kit you can get! Compatible with almost any phone! This cell phone lens attachment can make your iPhone camera lens see things in a whole other world! 



Many people say that the best camera is the one that you have with you. So whether you're out there exploring or simply hanging out with people you care about, you want to capture those moments the best way possible. Now, this 3-in-1 cell phone lens kit/smartphone lens kit may possibly be the ONLY cell phone camera lens kit you'll ever need to buy!

-better quality than a cell phone camera lens from Dollar Tree or Walmart. And easily the best telephoto lens for smartphone.


Perfect for Students, Travellers, Outdoor Lovers, Hobby Photographers, and Social Influencers. Take it with you when you go Hiking, Fishing or Travelling and enjoy having your own iPhone camera lens kit / Samsung camera lens kit / Android camera lens kit.






Make Ice Cold Shot Glasses

- Ships From USA 

  • Easy to use - Fill with water or juice, then place in freezer
  • Cool Creativity - Create 4 of your own special shot glasses to go with your favorite drink or spirit
  • Not Just for Drinks - Try chocolate, jello and other fun items to make delicious edible shooters
  • Tasty Treat Maker - Use different ideas and recipes for endless combinations
  • Makes 4 frozen ice shot glasses with food-grade silicone





  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Safe, odorless, aesthetic and non-toxic in use.
  • Suitable for cold water, fruit juice, milk, milk tea, cold drinks and etc.
  • Bring an eased and pleasant mood to you.
  • A great choice to serve as gifts for friends, classmates and family member.





Lego Coffee Mug

- Ships From USA

  • Multiple Compatibility Gift for Kid or Adorable People: This mug can be compatible with most bricks like LEGO, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, KRE-O, or K'NEX Bricks, etc. building blocks. Is the best Birthday Gift idea to kid who like LEGO very much.
  • ✔Surprise Gift and Two Free Complicated Bricks in It: Happy puzzle game, the children play their unique creativity with this build mug and excitation the children's intelligence, huge fanatic perfect Christmas Birthday gift! you can apply your imagination to creative brick.
  • ✔Attract Attention: Drinking coffee while building something is really a wonderful thing. It is also a good way to spend boring conference calls and enjoy your office hours. This great product may effect your productivity whilst quickly becoming the talking point of any office!
  • ✔BPA Free Guarantee: We work hard to create the safest and best BPA-free grade plastic coffee mug on the market. Enjoy your coffee, tea, juice, and milk. Build something on your mug while drinking something. So is a Funny cups!






Clean your Beauty Blender with great ease in our new Mini Washing Machine!

Ships from USA 

Do you hate the difficulty of cleaning many makeup layers off your beauty blender? Your latest recurring breakout may have those dirty sponges to blame. The Mini Washing Machine offers the perfect solution to this issue!

The Mini Washing Machine is portable and user-friendly. The Mini Washing Machine is battery powered and lightweight so you can carry it wherever you go! Don’t let your blender build bacteria, it can cause clogged pores and lead to a breakout!

Purchase Shop Splats Mini Beauty Blender Washing Machine for a very affordable price, save a fortune for yourself, and keep your cosmetics clean!






Unleash Your Creative Side

- ships from USA 

Nanodots are not your average magnets; these are high-powered NdFeB magnets precision milled for structural superiority.

These Guinness World Record holding, award-winning dots have been featured around the world, in TIME and can even be found on the Hit TV Series Big Bang Theory.

Get yours today and unleash your Inner Michelangelo.





Welcome to the twenty-first century, Dennis the Menace. 

The Pocket Shot reimagines a projectile launcher as a cone-shaped latex pouch secured to a fiber-reinforced composite ring. Simply drop your ammo into the pouch, stretch it back, and let it fly! 

Small enough to stow in a bugout bag or slip in a pocket, this compact slingshot doesn’t compromise when it comes to performance. The ultra-effective Pocket Shot can double the rate of fire and double the projectile’s velocity compared to a conventional y-frame slingshot.

For hunters and recreational users alike, the Pocket Shot delivers an impressive payload in a tiny package.





Amazing Melting Metal 


Ships from USA 

Gallium is one of the craziest metals on the periodic table. It is shiny and very hard, just like you might expect a metal to be but unlike the other metals, it actually melts at 85.58 degrees F (29.76 degrees C). This means that it will actually melt in your hand! Because of this low melting temperature there are countless experiments and activities that one can do with Gallium that aren't possible with any other element.


Can gallium melt in your hand?

Gallium will definitely melt in your hand as long as your hands are warmer than 85.58 degF (29.76 degC) although it can take a while for the metal to become liquid. Because your hand is only touching one part of the gallium, that part will heat up first and will liquify as it reaches melting temperature. The rest of the metal remains below the melting temperature so it remains solid which means it can take quite a while for all of the gallium to liquify using your hand.


Is it safe to touch gallium?

Yes, Gallium is safe to touch. However, we use gloves when we are going to be handling a lot of gallium because it will leave temporary stains on your hands.






Your friends are gonna drop dead in envy for these large skull ice cubes. Ideal for drinks every day! 💀💀💀

  • Made of silicone

Great for Halloween, Day of the Dead, Over the Hill or special occasion gift idea.
The large skull ice cubes melt slower than traditional ice cubes. It causes less dilution and makes your drinks stay cooler for longer.

Once frozen, ice cubes can be stored in another container without the mold, to save space. An incredibly unique kitchen accessory to add to your own collection or for that special skull fanatic in your life!

Many Other Applications: Ice cubes, ice cream, puddings, mousse, jelly, chocolate, etc.






Is the Pen truly mightier than the Sword?









 - Ships From USA

Both Functional & Fun

The pen’s unimpeachable status as a tool needed to get things done lets it slide undetected into even the most oppressive fun vacuums–places like lecture halls and meeting rooms–whereupon it assumes its most vital function of giving you something to fiddle with. And when it comes to fiddling, this magnetic pen is a quantum leap beyond your standard plastic Bic.   WIRED Magazine







Drawing circles is just one way the POLAR Pen can help you out like no other pen can. Pull the pen apart and chain up the magnets side to side to transform into a compass, add more magnets for a larger diameter, slowly rotate around the center to draw the perfect circle.



Polar Compass






The attracting and repelling of rare earth magnets is truly mesmerizing! Turn your pen into a levitating fidget spinner, 'the revolver.'  This is one of the endless possibilities for fun with the POLAR Pen.



Polar Revolver