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Cheap Useful Gifts for Mom

Cheap Useful Gifts for Mom

It seems like moms always have our back, so of course, when you are trying to find that perfect gift for your mom you want to make sure you get it just right. The only problem, you don't know what to get! That why we got you back, with not only some cool useful gifts for Mom but gifts that won't break the bank either! This list is sure to give you some ideas on what to get if you are stuck. 



Get That Fresh Taste With The Citrus Sprayer

 -Ships From USA

  • FRESH JUICE – Now you can enjoy the all-natural taste of citrus with all the vitamins and flavors with no added sugar, additives or preservatives. Get every last drop from your oranges, lemons and limes with no seeds, pulp or rind.
  • EASY TO USE – Soften the fruit by rolling on a flat surface while applying light pressure. Slice the end off the fruit and screw in like a corkscrew. Squeeze fruit and sip right out of the fruit or easily pour fresh juice into your bowl, glass or tea. To keep the juices flowing, press on the lower half of the fruit and turn the fruit as you squeeze.
  • NO MESS – No seeds, no pulp and no rind in your water, salad or food. Avoid messy slicing of fruit and half cut lemons hanging out on the counter. Simply keep the juicer in the fruit and store in the fridge in between uses, to keep the fruit fresh for longer.
  • MULTIPURPOSE – Not just for juicing fruit, use our spout as a citrus sipper and drink right out of the fruit like a straw. A fun way for kids to eat their fruit with minimal mess and all the vitamins! Our citrus juicer can also be used as a pepper corer for homemade jalapeño poppers.


  • Features:
    Name:Lemon sprayer
    Size:L:10*4.4cm S:8.5*4.4cm Tray diameter7.6cm
    Color:AS the Picture Show
    Quantity:1 set

    1. High-quality materials, safe and odorless, can be recycled and not easily damaged.
    2. With one touch, you can spray the fruit juice directly into the container or food.
    3. Screw-in design, it is very easy to insert into the fruit, the nozzle draws the juice to the nozzle through pressure.
    4. Silicone ring can avoid fruit juice splashing, and the tray can hold fruit.
    5. Removable into three parts for easier cleaning.



  • Cutting Watermelon Doesn't Have To Be a Tedious Task With This Windmill Slicer!

     Ships From USA

  • Windmill Watermelon Cutter-50% Off Today! | The Smart Foodie

    • Cut Neat-Looking Watermelon - Some people can really butcher a watermelon. If you want perfectly-sliced pieces, this is the tool for you! Your watermelon will come out in neat rectangles around 3/4" in size. Perfect for a fruit tray!
    • Don't Spend Longer Than Necessary - Slicing and dicing watermelon can take a while, and it can be dangerous with a long, sharp knife. Now, you can simply push this slicer through the watermelon and watch the windmill effect deposit the watermelon slices evenly into its tray. Easy and fast!
    • Works On Melon and Cantaloupe - While not all melons are created equal, this tool is equally created for them! Cut up some juicy cantaloupe slices faster than you can say Sunday brunch!



Make Ice Cold Shot Glasses

- Ships From USA 

  • Easy to use - Fill with water or juice, then place in freezer
  • Cool Creativity - Create 4 of your own special shot glasses to go with your favorite drink or spirit
  • Not Just for Drinks - Try chocolate, jello and other fun items to make delicious edible shooters
  • Tasty Treat Maker - Use different ideas and recipes for endless combinations
  • Makes 4 frozen ice shot glasses with food-grade silicone




- Ships From USA 

Smooth skin is just so easy with the Bliss Cleansing Brush! For just two minutes a day your skin can feel smooth healthy and soft! I mean, who doesn't have two minutes!

Image result for cleansing brush gif

Bliss Cleansing Brush features :

  • It helps to clear the pores allowing the skin to absorb nutrients and also helps slowing down the signs of ageing.
  • Relaxing vibrating massage instantly removes makeup and dirt within the pores of your skin leaving the appearance of younger and healthier looking skin.
  • Helps to deeply clean away impurities and oil, while keeping the skin refreshed.
  • Soften and improves skin elasticity. 



  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Safe, odorless, aesthetic and non-toxic in use.
  • Suitable for cold water, fruit juice, milk, milk tea, cold drinks and etc.
  • Bring an eased and pleasant mood to you.
  • A great choice to serve as gifts for friends, classmates and family member.



OMG getting your kid in the shower is a flipping nightmare sometimes! Make your life a little easier with this fun shower attachment! Or if you don't have kids , make your solo shower concerts that much cooler!

- Ships From USA

  • ✔Powered by Water Flow- No extra battery or power resource is needed, the LED shower head rainfall is powered by water flow. Energy-saving and environment-friendly.
  • ✔7 Colors Changing Shower Head- The color will change automatically and create a special atmosphere in your bathroom. You can enjoy the pleasing bath after a long day. Besides, the colorful light may make your kids fall in love with bathing.(The color will not be affected by water temperature.)
  • ✔2 Spray Patterns & Adjustable Waterflow - You are free to choose the gentle mode or the concentrated mode by turning the mode switch. Easily create a different atmosphere for you after a long day at work.
  • ✔Universal Connector & Easy Installation- Directly connect it to the shower tube, no other accessories are needed. It can be installed within minutes and no external tools needed. Meet most bath needs and provide the chance to enjoy the beautiful LED lighting effects anytime.



Clean your Beauty Blender with great ease in our new Mini Washing Machine!

Ships from USA 

Do you hate the difficulty of cleaning many makeup layers off your beauty blender? Your latest recurring breakout may have those dirty sponges to blame. The Mini Washing Machine offers the perfect solution to this issue!

The Mini Washing Machine is portable and user-friendly. The Mini Washing Machine is battery powered and lightweight so you can carry it wherever you go! Don’t let your blender build bacteria, it can cause clogged pores and lead to a breakout!

Purchase Shop Splats Mini Beauty Blender Washing Machine for a very affordable price, save a fortune for yourself, and keep your cosmetics clean!