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Caniam SLR Camera Lens 24-105mm 1:1 Scale Coffee Cup With Lid 400ml

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Material: ABS high-grade plastic, ceramic, and silicone
Capacity: 400ml
Dimensions: 146mm*83mm
Style: 1:1 simulation of the 
Caniam SLR Camera 24-105mm Lens

 Modeled to scale of a real Caniam SLR Camera 24-105mm Lens, this mug and lid set is unique, attractive, and made of high-quality materials. This mug is so realistic, people might actually mistake it for a lens sitting on your desk. This is a perfect gift for the photographer in your life, whether they are a professional or a hobbyist. 

Additionally, this cup comes with a lid that mimics the appearance of a lens cover to keep your drink hot or cold, it is as convenient as it is clever. This item differs from our EF 24 -105mm f/4L USM Lens model both in style and function. This item is specifically a cup and lid set while the other model is a thermos combo.