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Automatic Ball Return – Robo Cup

Automatic Ball Return – Robo Cup

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This automatic ball return device is the perfect addition to your Pro Putt Systems putting green. When you’re not putting at home, you can easily put the RoboCup in the small carrying case and toss it in your golf bag.

Putts You Hit – The ball nestles in the cup and triggers the ball return mechanism.

Putts You Miss – Try Wrapping  a caddy cord around the back of the cup to swoop in it the hole!


  • RoboCup Ball Return Robot
  • Soft carrying case so you can easily transport your RoboCup
  • Soft tube gasket to be sure your RoboCup fits nicely in every cup

The RoboCup returns the ball as far back as 15′ and the batteries last up to 12,000 returns.

Works with any Pro Putt Systems putting green.

The RoboCup saves your back and saves time as you no longer need to go retrieve hit, or missed putts!