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5 tricks to get on the for you page of TikTok

5 tricks to get on the for you page of TikTok


TikTok is blowing up right now! With all of its users and trends, it’s so easy to go viral. You can jump on this and start growing your TikTok account quickly. If you have used TikTok before you know why getting on the for you page is so important! So here are five tips to help you quickly get on the for you page of TikTok.


Song choice

First, is song choice. You may not have known, but when it comes to TickTock‘s algorithm the song choice plays an important role. Having a song that is viral over top your video can make your video get on the for you page of TikTok. And easy way to do this is to go onto the for you page of TikTok and see which Videos are getting lots of views. Then from there see what song or audio they are using and make a video with that song/audio. Having a viral song will make people enjoy your video more and will make TickTok think your video belongs on the for you page. You can find popular songs by looking at what’s trending on TikTok or my videos that use a song that also has a lot of likes.



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Be original

Now I know you have heard before to make original content. However, I want to explain why it’s important to do so to get on the for you page. When you make a new video it actually already goes on a few peoples for you pages. Crazy right! So if you have an original video that is funny or eye-catching or just enjoyable to watch people will like it and those first few likes matter the most to get on to a lot of peoples for you page. Now yes, it is possible to get on the for you page by doing things like standing around and doing nothing. However, if you want the best chance to get on the for you page you need to make original content that people enjoy. Once  TikTok sees that a few people already like your video on there for you page, they will send your video to other users for your pages.



The third way is to make duets with people who are already viral. By making videos that include people that are typically on the for you page and/or Have lots of followers you can trick the TikTok algorithm to think that you are also popular. This will allow you to reach more people and get on more for your pages.  This works especially well when you Do a duet with a popular person and a popular song. This also works because when people see someone that is popular they are more likely to enjoy and like the video. So if you do an awesome duet more than likely they will also like you.



The next step is trends. Trends are awesome, for the reason that you think they would be, they get really popular really quickly. When something is trending you need to hop on it. Even if it’s a dance or just a funny lip-syncing video hopping on the trend is sure to get your views and on them for you page. Another thing you can do is take something that is trending and add your own twist on it.! this way you can still be trending but at the same time you will also be able to be original. Making a trend even funnier or more creative than it already is is a great way to gain followers, likes, and of course get on the for you page.




The last one is a bit controversial but I think that it works well. Hashtags are always a great thing to add to your TicToks They are a way to reach more people and reach people that have similar interests as you do. If TickTock sees this they are more likely to put you on the for you page as well as rank you for that hashtag. I would recommend only using 3 to 5 hashtags. Using more could seem Spani and could ruin your chances to rank with that hashtag. So the best way is just to use 3 to 5 hashtags that relate to your video.


End thoughts

So there are five ways to help you get on the for you page on TikTok. That being said results are not guaranteed but doing these things can increase your chances. We recommend trying to combine three out of the five techniques in each video if you’re able to use all five there’s a good chance that your video will get on several for your pages. Be sure to post consistently and make awesome content, but of course always have fun.


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