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5 psychology Tricks to get your crush to like you back

5 Psychology Tricks to Get Your Crush to Like You Back

Relationships, they can suck at times. Like really suck. Do you know how annoying it is to put all your effort into someone for them not to give it back. Or worse for it to not work out making you feel like you wasted all that time, and eventually making it to the point where you are going back through old text wondering what you did wrong. Wishing things would of worked out. You end up crying to your best friend, probably get super intoxicated let it all out crying that they were the one. You sit at home watching reruns of the office while you eat mint chocolate chip ice cream from the container. Until eventually you see an instagram post about how you didn’t need them in the first place, you call yourself the shiz start to make good healthy choices for about a week and then go out to look for the next love of your life. Well congratulations I am here to help you get that love of your life to fall in love with you with these crazy phycology tricks!


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#1 Colors


As you may guess colors can be a huge attraction to people. And certain colors work better than others. Red has been known to make you seem to be more attractive to the person you are trying to impress. Even a little bit has the capability to turn you into a modern day John Stamos. Okay maybe not exactly but according to some science stuff apparently it works. So next time you try to get that special someone’s attention , whip out that Elmo costume and you are good to go!


#2 Lips


What’s the first thing you look at when you see someone? Hair ? Shoes ? Turns out most people look at eyes , but did you know you should really be looking at the persons lips! Ya it seems weird but looking at someone’s lips can cause them to feel attraction towards you. Now , don’t be creepy about it , having a blank stare at a persons  bottom lip especially if they have a cold sore or something would probably be a turn off. Yet when necessary take a few second to do so and then look back in their eyes like a normal person.


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#3 mirror


Okay , hear me out. This next tip may sound super weird and should really only be slightly used. However you know how they say that mimicking someone is the best form of flattery or something like that. Well this tends to be true when attracting someone as well. Copying small body movements of the person you like can make their brain think that their is a connection between the both of you. Again don’t be weird. When you start to copy every thing the person does don’t be surprised when they try to leave. Yet doing small things like crossing your legs and arms  while the other person does it can help!


#4 let them know


This is obvious but it’s super helpful. Some people don’t really have any interest in dating you unless they know you are interested in them. I’ll give a good example . My girlfriend of three years had liked me for a while. I also found her attractive but at the time i had never had a girlfriend and wasn’t really thinking we would date. That is until her friend told me that she liked me and immediately something changed where I found here to be even more attractive than I already thought and really wanted to date her. So sometimes just allowing the person to know that you like them can help! Cool thing is it you don’t even have to tell them , it could be a friend , a small child , a sibling, Pigeon with a note on it. You name it , it all works the same.



#5 LOL


You ever hear about how you may bring your boyfriend or girlfriend around your friends, and immediately they start becoming comedians? If so you have stubbled onto top five. Being funny and making someone laugh is something super attractive! If you have the personality of soggy cardboard it’s going to be hard for someone to feel any attraction towards you. Yet, laughter can steal someone’s heart. It’s simply when you laugh and smile you start to feel happy. Because of this your brain relates the thing that made you laugh as something good! Which then.... makes you seem more attractive ! So next time you’re on a date whip out that dad joke you might just find your wife (or husband).


P.S dad jokes are not recommended!


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