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5 Products That Will Make You Say WOW

5 Products That Will Make You Say WOW

WOW, is what you will be saying after seeing these amazing gifts! These products are sure to leave you wide-eyed! These are some of our coolest gifts and products we have. We like to think Buzzfeed is jealous of us but if not, hopefully, you will enjoy these terrific gifts!

#1 Black Glow Ring 

GLOW rings are made from a mixture of resin and phosphorus glow powder. The glow will remain visible for several hours after it's charged 

Your ring will charge every time it's exposed to any source of light, including daylight.

#2 Levitating Globe

Yes, this Globe is Floating in mid-air, with colored LED light to make it graced in the dark when turned on.HOW-IT-WORKS: It is operated by an electronically controlled magnetic system. The suction between the electromagnetic and the globe top magnet can be offset by the gravity of the globe.


#3 Toroflux anti stress toy

The Toroflux's spiraling band loops back upon itself to form a torus (aka donut-like) shape, which gives it the unique ability to fully surround objects and roll around them. Roll the Toroflux down a broomstick handle, an electrical cord, and even pass it between your arms. When rolling quickly, it's easy to mistake Toroflux for a metallic bubble.

#4 Mini Movie Projector

This projector can fit in the palm of your hand! Take any movie night to the next level by projecting your favorite show on a sheet, wall, or celling! It can project a 94-inch large screen at about 3m distance, the projection size varies from 21inch-94inch while the projection distance varies from 0.7m-3m.

#5 Mini usb fan spinning clock

This is the coolest clock you can get! It looks like some sort of fan but once it starts spinning led lights flash to form an amazing image of a working clock! I bet you have never seen this before !